Melzer's Reagent

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Wed Sep 6 08:33:32 EST 1995

Hi there!
some time ago we bought a "Identification Kit" that included Melzer's
reagent along with Congo red, Phloxine B stain and Potassium Hydroxide
from a company called Mycro-Solutions, P.O Box 1219 Webster, NY 14580 USA
for a modest price....I do not know if the company is still there...hopefully
some one in the newsgroup may know...
Good luck

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On Tue, 5 Sep 1995, B. Taylor wrote:

> Hello again.
> I'm interested in mixing up some Melzer's Reagent for helping with my 
> mushroom identifications. Unfortunately, one of the components is a 
> controlled substance (chloral hydrate).  Since I do not have a lab or 
> research project, I can not buy it.  Can anyone tell me where I can obtain
> pre-mixed Melzer's Reagent?? 
> Thanks again.
> -Brad
> btaylor at

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