Mould and Mildew

Lorelei Norvell lorelei at TELEPORT.COM
Wed Sep 6 12:39:11 EST 1995

On Tue, 5 Sep 1995, Richard Gibson wrote:

> I was at a party the other day and I mentioned that I had done some work 
> studying fungi at university, and somebody asked 
> me the other day. "what kind of fungus is it that grows on shower tiles?", "is 
> it really a fungus? is Mould different from Mildew?".
> Well, I had always assumed that yes it was a fungus, and that mildew was a 
> symptom of mould growth...but I checked through a couple of mycology books and 
> couldn't find anything definitive and ran a couple of checks on some CD-Rom 
> references at the university and couldn't find anything...
> I suppose I could always take a scraping and have a look under the microscope 
> but I just never seem to get around to it..
> Does anybody have any names or id's on shower tile mould?
> Sincerely,
> R. Gibson

	I don't know about regular showers, but we have a shower which 
has a window into it, and we manage to grow an alga on the grout (which 
I've keyed out to Desmococcus viridis).
	For regular showers, I had always been told that the orange 
"mold" was in fact a yeast that grew on the soap scum.  In our basement 
shower we have the orange scum, and then we have a regular black 
mould/mildew that is growing on the paint.  It looks for all the world 
like a sooty mould, but I haven't put it under the scope yet to check it out.
	Be assured that periodically all the moulds, fungi, and algae are 
removed, but they are discouragingly resilient here in Oregon.
Lorelei Norvell 

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