Mould and Mildew

Richard Gibson rgibson at
Tue Sep 5 23:41:31 EST 1995

I was at a party the other day and I mentioned that I had done some work 
studying fungi at university, and somebody asked 
me the other day. "what kind of fungus is it that grows on shower tiles?", "is 
it really a fungus? is Mould different from Mildew?".

Well, I had always assumed that yes it was a fungus, and that mildew was a 
symptom of mould growth...but I checked through a couple of mycology books and 
couldn't find anything definitive and ran a couple of checks on some CD-Rom 
references at the university and couldn't find anything...

I suppose I could always take a scraping and have a look under the microscope 
but I just never seem to get around to it..

Does anybody have any names or id's on shower tile mould?

R. Gibson

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