Mould and Mildew

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>I was at a party the other day and I mentioned that I had done some
>work studying fungi at university, and somebody asked me the other
>day. "what kind of fungus is it that grows on shower tiles?", "is 
>it really a fungus? is Mould different from Mildew?".
>Well, I had always assumed that yes it was a fungus, and that mildew
>was a symptom of mould growth...but I checked through a couple of
>mycology books and couldn't find anything definitive and ran a couple
>of checks on some CD-Rom references at the university and couldn't
>find anything...
>I suppose I could always take a scraping and have a look under the
>microscope but I just never seem to get around to it..
>Does anybody have any names or id's on shower tile mould?
>R. Gibson

First of all, mildew is just a non-technical word for a fuzzy black or
white mold.

Shower tile mold isn't necessarily always the same mold but it tends to
run towards your more common types of environmental molds, especially
Cladosporium (at least around here) (Southern Calif. USA).

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