Foraying in France/Switzerland??

Ralph D. Arnold rarnold at
Sun Sep 10 11:43:36 EST 1995

Please help these seekers out by emailing them directly (not me)

From: John H Rassweiler  <73110.2224 at>
Date: 10 Sep 95 11:06:21 EDT
Dear Editor:  I would like to go on a mushroom foray in France in October.  
Cananyone recommend a foray, an area, or someone to contact in France?  
Thank youvery much, Anne Rassweiler in Princeton, NJ

From: Michael Siegel  <msiegel at MIT.EDU>
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 95 14:38:25 EDT
Does anyone have any local contacts for mushroom directions or groups in
Zurich. I will be there next week and would like to take a look at what
might grow there...

Thanks, Michael

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