Need info on LactoPhenol Blue

Robert Lejeune rlejeune at
Mon Sep 11 09:11:15 EST 1995


I would like any info, references, pointers,... on Lactophenol Blue (Merck 
cat Nbr 13741).
What is the dye used in this solution? (The dye is identified as C.I. 
42780 on the bottle).
Is it Trypan Blue? (I have a paper by Rhigelato et al. (1968), J. Gen. 
Microb. 50:399 in which staining of filamentous fungi with 'trypan blue in 
lactophenol' is described).
What part of the cells gets stained, and what makes it specific for 
filamentous fungi?
Is the staining intensity dependent on the physiological state of the cell 
(before it was fixed)?


Robert Lejeune
Dep. Chem. Eng. - Free Univ. Brussels

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