kambucha tea

Jerry Haugen mycowrld at cdsnet.net
Mon Sep 11 21:48:00 EST 1995

> Hello out there from Bondi beach[australia]
> I am searching for info on Kamucha tea with the mushroom.I am currently a 
> brewer and consumer but not really knowing much about it.I have the regular 
> info on 100 year plus individual from remote clans and tribes of by-gone years 
> but what about modern day consumers?
> Is there a limit to daily consumption ? Can too much be toxic?Is there any 
> scientific proof or has there been any breakdown of its componants ? etc 
> etc.Any info would be greatly apprieciated
> Peace and smiles
> Carey

For all the good, bad, smart and dumb info on this topic try 
the following URL:


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