MZieg1234 at MZieg1234 at
Tue Sep 12 22:24:20 EST 1995

I am trying to put Chanterelles into culture and have a question concerning
how to identify the mycelium. I took some central tissue from a young
Cantharellus cibarius and plated it into MEA agar containing amoxicillin.
Bacterial growth was evident and probably due to the resident bacteria. On
several plates a slow growing mycellium grew out from the zone of bacteria.
It looks like many other I have in culture and not like a mold. White,
branching, non-aerial. I transfered this non-bacterial zone to DCR media (a
plant tissue culture media designed for conifers) as I thought it would help
mimic in vivo conditions. Indeed growth is somewhat faster and thicker.
 Anybody have Chanterelle in culture who could suggest a way to i.d. it?
 Thanks Mike Ziegler.

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