Forager/teacher needed; highly-paid, week-end job.

Jim Berlstein VPGH51A at
Wed Sep 13 13:27:47 EST 1995

     I bet I can find more species of psychoactive mushrooms on the 
University of Washington campus in than next three months than your whole 
class can find in all of New York State in the next 100 years. But 
serioulsy, you are limiting your class too much.  You might want to have 
a class on "The mushrooms of the Woodstock forest" instead.  After you 
find them, you can worry about which ones are edible, poisonous, or 
hallucinogenic.  There IS a northern east coast member of the psilocybe 
genus, but I think it is not common.  Other than that, all you have is 
gymnopolis Spectabalis.  Here in seattle however, we have many species in 
the psilocybe genus (that are psychoactive) that are quite common in the 
woodchips used in institutional landscaping.  Best of luck.  Consider 
widening your scope.

  JIM BERLSTEIN, B.F.D.                VPGH51A at

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