Dried Armillariella Mellea poisonous?

David Thielk slim at olympus.net
Wed Sep 13 23:12:48 EST 1995

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> Subject:  Dried Armillariella Mellea poisonous.
> Conclusion:
> Armillaria Mellea contains a poison that is destroyed on cooking
> but is concentrated with drying.


I picked up your note on the mycology newsgroup.  I hunt quite a bit, and
this is an excellent year.  I was up on the Dungeness a couple of weeks
ago and picked Matsutake and hedgehog mushrooms.   I have also found
numerous, and quite large, giant pufballs and giant horse mushrooms.

Because I pick mushrooms with my children, I tell them (and any adult who
asks for advice) never to eat mushrooms raw.  That way my kids will never
pick and eat mushrooms before my wife and I see them.  

By the way, I have heard that some people respond to the honey mushroom
(A. mellea) in the manner you described.  Perhaps it is some sort of
volatile toxin that is destroyed in cooking.  There is a large crop of
them growing every year here in Port Townsend, but I don't eat them from
this spot because I think they property owners use chemicals in their

David Thielk

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