Random Russula Dinner

BrianMc brianmc at aol.com
Thu Sep 14 13:28:04 EST 1995

Aren't Russulas great?  I find them endlessly fascinating, despite the
of good edibles (outside the occasional R. xerampelina, or R.
cyanoxantha). Sadly since they're almost exclusively mycorhizzal,
cultivation isn't yet an

The random approach to Russula probably won't cause great harm.  The WORST
Russulas have a emetic effect, which while upsetting isn't
life-threatening.  Most of the inedible species are acrid/hot (tasting a
partion of the cap is
an occupational hazard when identifying Russula.

Maybe you should ask the Koreans how they prepare them!

Ben Woo, of the Pacific Northwest Key Council has written an excellent key
for the Northwestern US:

Pacific Northwest Key Council
1943 SE Locust Ave.
Portland, OR  97201-2250

This is a fine source of regional keys for Washinton, Idaho, Oregon and
British Columbia.  Be sure to ask for a complete list of available keys. 
PNWKC is a non-profit educational organization, and the keys are quite
reasonably priced.

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