Dried Armillariella Mellea poisonous?

BrianMc brianmc at aol.com
Thu Sep 14 13:35:50 EST 1995

According to Dr. Denis Banjamin's "Mushrooms poisons and panaceas" the
toxins which produce the usual gastrioinstenial upset are not known.  His
references are in German, and I was unable to persue them.  He follows up
by saying that an antibiotic (melleolide) has been isolated from A. mellea

Always remember that most field guides define A. mellea as a species
"complex".  There are at least 14 distinct species within the genus, all
highly similar macroscopically.  Having said that, I must also note that
morphology is highly variable wihtin individual species of Armillaria (the
genus Armillariella is considered obsolete (much to the dismay of us
amatuers, yes?)).
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