Need info on LactoPhenol Blue

K N and P J Harris ecoli at
Fri Sep 15 04:12:59 EST 1995

Could be Trypan Blue but the commonest stain in this configuration in my 
experience is Cotton Blue.
Lactophenol is an old old traditional stain but not the most pleasant, 
especially if the stain has to be heated at any stage as the phenol 
fumes are very unpleasant. For Mycorrhizal staining where we DO use 
trypan blue (seems to work best) we have swopped to a glycerine based 
stain acidified with a little hydrochloric acid - works fine and is much 
more pleasant to use.
Peter Harris.
Dept of Soil Science,
Reading University, UK.
AKA P.J.Harris at

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