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>I found some white boletus I never could figure out, in northern maine in 
>1980.  Can you tell me more about this mushroom.  Could I have seen it in 

We are going by the description in Aurora- it fits all of the parameters that
are described there.

The host of our particular samples is a European oak species in an arboretum-
(I can't remember the name just at the moment)- we are trying to track down 
the origin of the tree.  It would be interesting if a European origin could be
traced.  That being said, more examples have been reported in the Campbell
River area, which is half way up the Island and significantly further North
from Victoria.  We haven't been able to confirm those sightings.  However,
taken together with the Puget sound samples, it is interesting.  It may be
that these are just chance, unique introductions into fluke habitats, but
(*Pure speculation here*!!!) if these can grow as far north as Campbell River,
or if they are from a European source, there is a chance that they could grow 
right across the boreal forest.  There are a number of whitish bolete species 
in the boreal, and I've seen some of them- but I've never had a chance to 
stop and ID them since my main concern at the time was Picea spp.  -RSW

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