Laetiporus sulphureus Poisoning: Request for examples

Simon Hope Incode s_hope at
Wed Sep 20 11:50:27 EST 1995

Did you know that the commonly-eaten 'Chicken of the Wooods' (Laetiporus 
sulphureus) has been cited as the cause of several instances of food 
I wish to compile information on this subject to assess the frequency and 
extent of adverse reactions, which are currently poorly documented in the 
literature (IYSWIM).

Could anyone with knowledge/personal experience of this subject please 
e-mail me at  s_hope at   with as many details as 
(eg. Symptoms, Host plant, How prepared, Amount eaten, Previous effects). 

I'll post a summary if there is sufficient response. Thanks in advance.

Shelley Evans, Gwent Fungus Group, UK.

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