plant-fungal interactions

Bill Knighton/Susan Hogarth knighton at
Wed Sep 20 05:32:57 EST 1995

ldavy at wrote:
>A friend told me that she had lost her entire garden (in peak
>condition with ripe tomatoes, flowers, etc) suddenly in August at
>about the same time she had an explosion of mushroom emergence.

The university has a wonderful Plant Disease Diagnostic Laboratory on the fourth floor of 
Throckmorton Hall. She should take some samples of *entire* plants, with soil, there. They can 
give you some idea if the problem was a disease or a cultural problem, and some advide about 
control, etc.

I'm no expert (ha!) but I'd be suspicious of chemical damage if lots of different *kinds* of 
plants died, *all at once*. That really doesn't fit the mode of operation of many pathogens...

Have the plants checked out by someone who 1) can *see* them, and 2) knows what they're talking 
about :-)


Susan Hogarth
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