culture condition in fermemtation process

Joe Harrington joeh at
Tue Sep 19 22:41:27 EST 1995

If you are referring to a liquid  spawn media, using a spore or tissue 
source, Paul Stamet's "Growing Gourmet  and Medicinal Mushrooms" has an 
excellent chapter on it, along with the receipe and recommended agitation

If you don't have the book available, e-mail me and I can give you a 
synopsis of the procedure. But the text is really indespensible. 


On 19 Sep 1995, C.C.Chen wrote: 

> Date: 19 SEP 1995 06:48:03 -0700 
> From: C.C.Chen <r3603207 at CC.NTU.EDU.TW>
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> Subject: culture condition in fermemtation process 
> How design a method to optimize the cultural conditions ?
> for example C source , N source , trace element , pH ,Temp , agitation
> ...............

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