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Jerry Haugen mycowrld at
Thu Sep 21 21:38:16 EST 1995

Kevin McCluskey <FGSC at> wrote:
> I am trying to find an address or phone number
> for a collection at the Univ of Sevilla.
> the collection is called the Public depository and
> Strain Collection of the Faculty of Biology
> at the University of Sevilla, Spain.
> . . .

I looked around their web site for you at
Apparently the biology department does not have a web page.  
The only phone numbers seem to be for the computer folks.
I don't do well with Spanish, but I didn't see anything 
that looked like a reference to a strain collection.  Perhaps
someone with a grasp of Spanish could take a look and do a 
little translation for you.  Good luck!

-Jerry -
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