Please Help, What is it???

Tom Woodley Didymus at
Fri Sep 22 16:10:56 EST 1995

HI,  I have what I believe to be a mushroom growing on my 
property.  This in itself is not a big deal.  However, this 
particular fungi is pushing up my driveway.  I had the same thing 
occur last year at this time.  I assumed it was a large tree root 
pushing up the asphalt.  When we dug up the spot to cut the tree 
roots we found a large (3-4 pound) mushroom.  The offending fungi 
was a white grey in color and was configured like a large bunch 
of grapes.  I thought that was the end of it.  But it has 
returned.  If anyone has any idea what I'm dealing with and how 
to eliminate this problem I would be most grateful. Pleases 
E_Mail me if you care to lend a hand.

Tom  E-Mail Address  didymus at  

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