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Jim Berlstein VPGH51A at
Mon Sep 25 11:13:29 EST 1995

Re: mushroom pushimg up driveway.

In the mushroom's demystified book I think the author speaks of a certain 
"dead man's foot" mushroom coming up year after year under a brick patio. 
 The local mushroom club would have a lottery and the winner was the one 
who chose which brick was pushed up. Perhaps you could divide your 
asphalt into a grid pattern and have a lottery, half the money to the 
winner, and half to pay for the repairs every year. One must learn to 
live with fungi- all of the allegedly safe fungicides are far to toxic to 
be worth the health risk to both people and other life forms.

  JIM BERLSTEIN, B.F.D.           VPGH51A at

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