Laetiporus sulphureus Poisoning: Request for examples

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Tue Sep 26 06:25:15 EST 1995

> Dminock (dminock at wrote:
> : Laitoporus Sulphureus has been plentiful in southern Michigan this year
> : from August 7 - September 19.  My wife and I have sauteed and eaten it
> : almost every day during this period without adverse effect....
> : To my dismay, one of my friends ate one of the raw pieces. ... A few
> : minutes later, she reported a tightness in her chest.

Up here in Finland the fungus Laitoporus sulphureus is quite rare. I have 
seen it only a couple of times and not even each year. I have tasted it 
once. The edibility is classified in Finnish guides as (*) = edible but 
not not recommended. (***=excellent, **=good, *=edible). 

This may be partially due to the scarcity of this fungus up here in the North
but partailly due to the following explanation found in one of the guides 
(translated here to English ;-) ):

Considered a delicacy in Germany and North America but not used in the 
Nordic Countries [i.e. Denmark, Sweden, Norway, or Finland -- I don't
think they grow in Iceland] because of conflicting reports of its 
edibility. If used, only the 4cm (1.5inches) of the outer rim of young caps
should be used.

Harry J Lehto
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