culture condition in fermemtation process

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>> How design a method to optimize the cultural conditions ?
>> for example C source , N source , trace element , pH ,Temp , agitation
>> ...............
>If you are talking about discovering optimum conditions or
>concentrations then perhaps would enjoy learning about the design of
>experiments.  Look up Simplex Optimizaiton, or Factorial Experiments. 
>Also if you want to test a lot of different conditions quickly and
>crudely look up Screening Experiments.  
>Lots of people have asked the same questions you ask about all kinds
>of subjects.  They are effecient ways to get answers.
>   ---- Mark

There is a chapter in either 'Microbial Control of Weeds' edited by D.O
TeBeest or 'Biological Control of Weeds with Plant Pathogens', edited by 
R. Charudattan and H.L. Walker, called 'Submerged Fermentation of Biological
Herbicides' by Larry J. Stowell, that should give you quite a good start.
Email me if you require any more info.


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