Aborted Entaloma

Tom Volk tjvolk at facstaff.wisc.edu
Wed Sep 27 08:20:36 EST 1995

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>In David Arora's book a mention is made that the aborted entaloma is caused
>by infection with honey mushroom mycelia. No reference is given for this
>statement. Does anyone have the reference? I have isolated a nice growing
>strain from an aborted entaloma and want to know if I am culturing
>Armillaria. I suppose I will test it in strerilized sawdust. Any bets?!
> Thanks-- Mike Ziegler

Hi Mike.  The reference you want is 

Watling, R. 1974.  Dimorphism in Entoloma abortivum.  Travaux mycologiques 
dedies a R. Kuhner, special Bull. de la societe Linneenne de Lyon .  p.449-
470 (sorry about leaving off the diacriticals in names)

Not an easy reference to find!

Incidentally cultured Armillaria mycelium is ratehr easy to identify.  
Produces no clamp connection, but almost all strains produce abundant 
rhizomorphs on 2% malt extract medium, sometimes right away when the colony 
is very young and sometimes not until older.  Amillaria also tends to grow 
rather slowly.

good luck.
Tom Volk, Center for Forest Mycology Research, Forest Products Lab. Madison 
Wisc. and UW- Madison Botany Dept.   <tjvolk at facstaff.wisc.edu>

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