text for 4thyr uni. mycology/phycology course?

Louise Wootton wootton at starburst.cbl.cees.edu
Thu Sep 28 22:53:22 EST 1995

I am slated to teach the mycology section of a 4th year biology class 
next semester.  The course will have 3 sub-units.. one on phycology, one 
on mycology and one on bryophytes.  It has been many eons since I took 
mycology.  At that time we used a botany text that was dryer than good 
wine.  I would very much like to find something reasonably well written 
and illustrated, but not to "froo-froo"... this is, after all a 400 level 
course.  Of course, ideally the text would also have sections on 
bryophytes and algae, as students cannot reasonably be asked to shell out 
for 3 texts for one class.  Any ideas or suggestions gratefully received.
Also, any good mycology references for me to bone up on my knowledge?
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