I.D. Fungus and Mycotoxins

Jeff L. Newton Newton_J at DEP.State.FL.US
Mon Apr 1 12:57:11 EST 1996

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection's Site Investigation 
Section (SIS) is looking for a facility or institution that can perform 
the following services related to identifying Fungus and mycotoxins 
present in a human:

Task 1.	Collect fungus sample from the nail bed, grow it out, identify 
fungus to strain #, and extract and identify the mycotoxins present.

More specifically
a.	Obtain the sample from the nail bed
b.	plate it out
c.	isolate the prevailing fungus
d.	identify fungus to strain #
e.	keep a retain sample
f.	grow the fungus out in broth
g.	extract mycotoxins from the fungus
h.	perform TLC separation of mycotoxins
i.	collect bands identified at 375nm UV (elute with Acetone)
j.	blow down and concentrate extract into 2ml, hold at 4 degrees C
k.	identify extracts by laboratory analysis (GC-MS)

Task 2.	Identify mycotoxins present in human blood, serum and urine 
samples.  Extraction and analysis procedures will be as described above.

All procedures should be conducted with proper QA/QC protocol including 
blanks, duplicates and chain of custody.  Laboratory will need proper 
certification indicating ability to extract and analyze samples.

If you are willing and available to do the above described tasks in whole 
or part please respond by E-mail.


Jeff L. Newton
Environmental Supervisor

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