Likely sources: Graphium, Phoma, Sporothrix?

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>Subject: Likely sources: Graphium, Phoma, Sporothrix?
>Date: 6 Apr 1996 15:01:57 GMT

>Anyone out there sufficiently familiar with these taxa to hazard a
>guess as to whether the moss and tree limbs are likely the sources?


>Rich Byrd

Hello Rich:
I am currently doing an exhaustive literature search concerning indoor mold 
spora.  To date, the base contains 34 articles citing over 200 mold isolates 
(genus and species).  Of this whopping number, 112 genera have been cited at 
least once.  Graphium has been cited 6 times, Sporothrix only twice.  Phoma 
has been cited 13 times, with 6 citations listing the Phoma sp. in the top 

Good luck, let me know if I can provide any further help.

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