Deterioriation test

Robert Brambl brambl at
Mon Apr 8 18:04:18 EST 1996

Hello, All:

I received a telephone call from a friend in an industry lab to ask a  
question that I cannot answer.  His company is interested in standard  
assays for fungal contamination and deterioriation; he cited their use of  
ASTM Method 2170.  However, an industrial competitor in Europe reported  
using an alternate standard, referred to as Wallhauser and Brath, but with  
no references or other info.  The group of organisms in this new test  
include, to my puzzlement, Staphlococcus, E. coli, A. niger, and Phoma.

Does anyone know anything about Wallhauser and Brath?  References or other  
information?  My searches have turned up nothing, but I don't know that I  
am looking in the right places.

Thanks in advance.


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