spring sightings

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Wed Apr 10 18:26:32 EST 1996

On Tue, 9 Apr 1996 04:53:27 GMT, rwinder at PFC.Forestry.CA (Richard
Winder) wrote:

>Black morels started emerging in Southern Vancouver Island shortly before
>April 5th.  My new 16 square foot cultivated patch, inoculated in November,
>has produced 5 large morels and 2 small ones so far.  Funny thing- the 
>fruiting was around the edges, particularly where the grass at the edge 
>plant roots and some Morchella spp.-  I was wondering if anyone else 
>with cultivated morels has noticed a correlation between fruiting and 
>presence ograsses?   -RSW

Please tell us more.  Morels in the backyard, yes!  

I transplanted several Morel "foots" and the surrounding soil to
likely new sites but I won't know till May 19.  (The day I always find



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