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>>Of course, Amanitas don't stain red.
>except here in California, Amanita rubescens, "The Blusher".
>it is a fair edible, though often buggy.  
I have eaten the Blusher quite often. It has a good flavour and texture
so would appear to be attractive.

However I have since found out that Amanita rubescens contains one of
the two toxin complexes found in A. phalloides. This is apparently the
more toxic of the two but must enter the bloodstream direct and cannot
pass the stomach barrier unlike the other complex (I cannot remember
which is which but A. phalloides contains both phallotoxins and
amanatoxins and I think it is the former). The reference was (again if
memory is working OK) from Scientific American in the mid 70's.

So safe to eat unless the barrier becomes permeable - alcohol, asprins,
physical damage? I am not ready for my last meal yet so bye bye Blusher!

On a broader note I heard a story recently that one expert was presented
with a fungus with the question 'Can I eat this?' the answer 'No.
Because if you cannot identify it as edible then it is not safe to eat.'
seems to me to be a very good reply.


Amanita phalloides Food of the Gods
 - don't eat it unless you're immortal.

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