Amanita Phalloides growing Conditions

Acrinimiril Acrinimiril at
Mon Apr 29 20:00:08 EST 1996

In Alberta <CDN>, I have collected A.Pantherina and A.Muscaria in the
fall, typically under fruiting deciduous trees and bushes.
Ash berry, to be specific. The weather during peak fruiting for those
two is hot and dry. If I remember correctly, thhe mean temperature at
the time was 20-25C, and relative humidity gravitated between 30/40%.
A. Virosa fruited a few weeks prior, after the last major rain period
although the conditions <being urban> were not optimal. Only a few
specimens collected. <Connifer sp.>  A. Phalloides does not typically
occur here, except where introduced.  Probably just as well, mind you.
Lots of accidental poisonings in Canada every year. :)
Other species notably successful were A. Roanokis and A. Vaginita,
although they prefer less disturbed areas. Fruiting around the same time
as A. virosa. <15C, 80%rH>
Interesting to note in the majority of urban fruitings investigated was
a surprising lack of mycelium at the host roots. A very few mainline,
interconnected by the odd strand and fuzz.

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