Are there good texts on Mucologyg?

Levan Darjania darjania at CRIBA.EDU.AR
Sat Aug 3 11:53:18 EST 1996

Dear Group memebers

In Agronomy Department of Universidad Nacional Del Sur (Argentina) we are 
going to start undergraduate courses in mucology. Particular emphasis 
would be higher fungi (mushrooms) biology, cultivation and 
pharmacological importance.

Regarding to this, could anyone gave me some Internet resources on 
lecture texts in above mentioned fields (underraduate level). I have Mr. 
Stamets books, but I would like to have more academy/scientifically 
oriented text material.

Since I am not a group memeber, please send relevant information e-mail.
Dr. L. Darjania
e-mail: darjania at

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