What is "muchomurkou zelenou?"

Michael Wood mwood at dnai.com
Sat Aug 3 11:01:04 EST 1996

lehmann at opus.mco.edu (Paul F. Lehmann, Ph.D.) wrote:

>I am having trouble translating some pieces of an article on mushroom
>poisoning written in Mycologicky Sbornik where the author discusses a
>poisoning by an entoloma and rules out poisoning by "muchomurkou zelenou
>(phalloides poisoning)."  I assume that the name, green moth, would mean
>Amanita phalloides but it might refer to a Galerina as the poisoning
>occurred in June and amanitin if found in Galerina.

According to "Mykologisches Worterbuch in 8 Sprachen" , "muchomurka
zelena"  is Amanita phalloides.

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