Attn: Buyers and Exporters of Wild Mushrooms

Mycos williams at
Sat Aug 3 20:03:08 EST 1996

After having been on a number of forays looking for wild mushrooms
with the intent to sell them for commercial export, I have noticed
that frequently the on-site buyers themselves have quite a poor
ability to identify any mushroom besides Chanterelles , Morels and
Matsutake. Often I have seen them buying Leccinum species as King
Boletes for example. I would like to offer my services to remedy this
   I have a great deal of experience identifying mushrooms to the
species. A couple of years ago the B.C. Drug and Poison Control
contacted me wanting to know if I would help them in identifying the
fungus involved in cases of mushroom poisoning that require
hospitalization. I feel this is quite a responsibility and offer this
as proof that others feel I am quite adept at this task as well.
   So, my offer goes out to exporters ( and any others who can make
use of this ability)  who wish to expand their inventory of wild
mushrooms with commercial value. Thank you.

                           Gary Williams <williams@ netshop. net>

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