What's this Polypore?

Howard Szafer howardz at idirect.com
Sat Aug 3 19:09:44 EST 1996

dt king wrote:
> With the recent rains and the humid weather, the dirt road behind my
> business in Massachusetts has become a fungusfest.  I dropped the by
> library and picked up a couple of books to see if I could figure out
> what the varieties were.  I can kind of guess at most of them, but
> there's a polypore I couldn't find a clue about.  I'm kind of curious.
> I put a couple of pictures and descriptions on my computer at
> http://www.dexter.weblabs.com/shrooms.html.  I'd appreciate any
> information you folks could give me.
> Thanks,
> dt king


	It's hard to tell from the images you have up, I'm afraid, but wouldn't
that be one o' them Coltricia cinnamomea 'carps?
Howard Szafer

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