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Dan Ebbole dje0282 at VMS1.TAMU.EDU
Sun Aug 4 15:05:34 EST 1996

Expression of GFP seems to be relatively difficult in fungi.  Because of
Candid codons, a synthetic GFP was made and that works well.  I think Pete
Magee or one of those Candida guys could help you with it.  I tried a 1st
generation Clontech GFP in N. crassa and got nothing when fused to con-10
(should have been very high expression).  But this was not an extremely
serious effort, just a quick check. I am waiting for someone else to get it
going in N.crassa so I wish you the best.  Try the Candida optimized gene

Dear Mycologists,

Has anybody expressed the gree fluorescent protein in Candida albicans 
and Neurospora crassa? I am interested in expressing GFP in these two 
fungi and would like to know what has already been done in that area.

J. Agnan

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