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Tue Aug 6 15:04:43 EST 1996

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I am a student looking for the past few months on information on growth 
habits and techinal information on morchella hortinsi,and other 
morchella's.  The type of information that can be found in 
Mycologia,Agric.Biol.Chem. journals, like electronic journals. Can you 
help me or send me in the right direction, using the www.
John C.Lang

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<TITLE>bionet.mycology:  charter</TITLE>
Proposal to establish MYCOLOGY/bionet.mycology  <P>

e-mail addresses: mycology at, 
                  mycology at  <P>

Discussion leaders:  <P>

          Tom Adams, 
          Department of Biology, 
          Texas A&M University, 
          College Station, Texas, 
          tom at  <P>

          Leland Ellis, 
          W.M. Keck Center for Genome Informatics, 
          Institute of Biosciences and Technology, 
          Texas A&M University, 
          Houston, Texas, 
          leland at  <P>

          Greg May, 
          Department of Cell Biology, 
          Baylor College of Medicine, 
          Houston, Texas, 
          gsmay at  <P>

MYCOLOGY/bionet.mycology charter:  <P>

We would like to propose the formation of a new BIOSCI newsgroup for
Filamentous Fungi.  This news group would provide a new forum for the
community in which to discuss a range of issues relevant to the
biology and study of filamentous fungi.  In particular, it will
provide an on-line forum to continue the discussions begun at the last
Asilomar Conference concerning the need and planning to organize the
beginning of Genome Projects for these organisms, including the
computer information systems used to disseminate information to the
community at large (e.g., Gopher, WAIS, WWW).  As implementation of
the Informatics resources for individual species gets under way,
especially databases for each species, it is expected that this
newsgroup will subserve a crucial role in keeping the community
informed as to where information resides, and how users can access it.  <P>

<ADDRESS> <a name=0 href="">Leland Ellis</ADDRESS>


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