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Eberhard Kniehl 100674.1442 at CompuServe.COM
Tue Aug 6 17:52:37 EST 1996

In different lots of an industrial (sealed) cottage cheese, we 
found - as the single contaminant - trichosporon cutaneum. 
Some samples were macroscopically spoilt by fungal colonies, in 
some samples t. cutaneum was found by cultivation on Sabouraud 
agar. My question is whether somebody knows about the incidence 
of t. cutaneum in dairy products. I suggest that this contaminant 
could have been brought in during the filling process, but I dont 
know much about dairy products. Is t. cutaneum: 1) often found in 
untreated (not pasteurized) milk - contamination by the utter (= 
primary product contamination), 2) used in a biotechnology 
process for making cheese (intended "contamination") ? Thanks for 
any help from those working in the special field of dairy 
products microbiology; I´m just a medical microbiologist working 
in (hospital) infection control.

Eberhard Kniehl (MD), Karlsruhe, Germany

Eberhard Kniehl
Karlsruhe - Germany

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