what to expect wild in NE Ohio?

Brian Wilson eb309 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Fri Aug 9 12:34:21 EST 1996

For those either well versed in scientific aspects of mycology,
as well as those hunting for something to grill with a steak...

I 'll apologize now for my ignorance in this matter.

I've recently become quite interested in wild (edible)
mushrooms... A dear friend in Helsinki has described her bounty-
Tabletops covered in freshly cut king boletes, chanterelles,
various truffles, etc.
Although I have never had wild mushrooms, she assures me that
they are delicious....And I'm quite passionate about 
simple champignons, portabellas...

I have not been able to find a book with comprehensive
geographical information. I simply don't know which wild
mushrooms to expect to find in NE Ohio.
I have certainly seen meadow mushrooms, and know enough not
to confuse them with amanitas.

Are there any truly tasty wild mushrooms in this area?
Or are all of the much-sought-after varieties indigenous
to the pacific northwest ( and like climes )?

Must I continue to pay over a dollar apiece for 5-6 cm
portabella caps ?!

Appreciate any thoughts on the matter.


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