reviews on meiosis

Ursel Kues kues at
Sat Aug 10 05:32:55 EST 1996

Thomas Mikosch wrote:
> I need recent reviews on sporulation meioisis in
> fungi or yeast

Recent reviews are:

Pukkila (1994) Meiosis in Mycelial Fungi in the Mycota Vol. I (eds. 
JGH Wessels, F Meinhard), pp 267-282, Springer Verlag.

In the same book you will find a review by S Klein et al on Meiosis 
and sporulation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae (pp235-250), and by R. 
Egel on Schizosaccharomyces pombe (pp251-266)

Petes, T.D. Pukkila P.J. (1995) Meiotic sister chromatid recombination 
in Adv in Genetics 33, 41-62

Roeder GS (1995) Sex and the single cell: Meiosis in yeast. Proc Natl 
acad Sci. 92: 10450-10456

B.J.K. Lu (1996) Chromosomes, mitosis and meiosis. In: Fungal 
genetics. Principles and practice. ed. C.J. Bos. pp.119176 Marcel 
Dekker Inc, New York

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