B.C. area mycophiles, please respond

Michael Clark michael-clark at uiowa.edu
Mon Aug 12 19:19:20 EST 1996

   I will be in and around Vancouver Island during the middle of Sept.,
mostly kayacking among the Broken Islands group.  Being from the midwest,
I'm not familar with the mycoflora in the are; although I have been an
avid mushroom hunter here in Iowa and am quite familar with IDing the
gilled fungi and boletes growing around here.  

   I'd like to know what types of distincive fungi I am likely to
encounter during this time of year, so that I can become familar with
their field characteristics in advance (and so I don't have to pull out
"Mushrooms Demystified" every five minutes).  Distinctive mushrooms need
not be limited to choice edibles, merely those mushrooms I am likely to
encounter while hiking.  My guide (a friend from Seattle) knows all about
kayaking, but nothing about fungi.

   Also, what are the regulations regarding non-commercial mushroom
picking of edibles (i.e. personal consumption only, no more than can be
eaten in one meal) within the Pacific Rim National Park?  Banned or

   Thank's in advance.  Fell free to e-mail me at either:
   michael-clark at uiowa.edu     OR     msclark at avalon.net

Michael Clark

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