mushroom import

Mycophagy mycophagy at
Tue Aug 13 15:15:00 EST 1996

I don't know why anyone would even want to try to import A. bispora or
portabello (a variation of A. bispora) since the local growers more than
cover the market at very low wholesale prices. Also they don't ship well
fresh, are grown with a very toxic spray program and are having their
market encroached on severly by Shiitake' and other exotic cultivated
Shiitake' are being promoted around the USA by University extension
programs and are being overgrown in most areas with local farmers losing
more than they are making money at it. (But the extension people get the
If you are talking about importing from India, I know that fresh paddy
straw mushrooms were being pushed by the government there and if you could
figure a way to ship them they might find a market.

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