FGSC on-line services

Kevin McCluskey fgsc at kuhub.cc.ukans.edu
Fri Aug 16 15:06:49 EST 1996

The FGSC now has the full text of the 43rd Fungal Genetics Newsletter
available on-line at http://www.kumc.edu/*fgsc/newslet.html  
Included in this is the supplement comprised
of the abstracts from the European Conference on Fungal Genetics 

These materials have actually been on-line for  a few weeks, but the
folks who maintain our server (the KUMC machine) had their hands
full figuring out why no-one was actually getting through to any of 
the sites here.  That problem has largely been solved and now you can
find the full text and figures on-line.  

Also new at the FGSC web site is the fully updated searchable Neurospora 
databases(http://www.kumc.edu/*fgsc/ncrassa.html).  We will continue to 
update the on-line strain descriptions so stay tuned.

Kevin McCluskey
Curator FGSC

***This time the opinions expressed here DO represent the FGSC***

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