Mushrooms, Russia, and History

Mark Buckles markbkls at
Tue Aug 20 22:54:24 EST 1996

Henry M. Wieman wrote:
> In article <32194B42.1161 at>, Mark Buckles <markbkls at> wrote:
> >I would like to buy a reading copy (not a collectable copy) of
> >"Mushrooms, Russia, and History" by R. Gordon Wasson.
> >
> >Thanx,
> >-Mark Buckles
> I don't think there is such a thing. i.e. I think they are all collectable.
> I thought he only released the collectable edition.
>         Henry M. Wieman         

I mean a copy that is not in mint condition, like with defects and such,
so I have a shot at affording it. Copies that are in good condition are
too expensive.


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