Odour production at professional Agaricus composting sites

Mark Spear MCSpear at msn.com
Thu Aug 22 05:29:21 EST 1996

I'm not a composter but I visit many Agaricus farms in the course of 
my job.  There are a few general rules that can help like reduce 
anaerobic smells (fecal smells).  However the only really effective 
overall solution to date is "indoor" Phase I.  This can be in Phase I 
tunnels or bunkers.  This is not cheap.  There are a number of 
venders who will be more than happy to take large amounts of money to 
help out.  In fact the biggest composter in Holland (CNC) now uses 
Phase I tunnels exclusively.  It has caused a few problems for 
growers but they appear to be able to adjust.

While it can cost a great deal there are other advantages to these systems.
	1) They save a lot of warf space and can allow a farm to build more 
on a small site.
	2) You can save 15-25% of raw materials.
	3) You are supposed to be able to get more uniform compost summer and winter.
	4) Compost preparation times are much shorter and can be more automated.

Remember this technology is still mostly experimental.  If you do 
this pick a vendor who has several successful customers then go see 
at least two!  

Hope this helps.

    ---- Mark

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