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>We have found transformants of N. crassa stored on Vogel's minimal plates
>containing 200ug/ml hygromycin do not survive for longer than 2 months. The
>plates were kept at 4C and parafilmed.  Colonies from the stored plates were
>picked onto slants with or without hygromycin and nothing grew. Does anyone
>have any ideas of why this would be? We do not have this problem with stored
>slants, and have used them for up to a year.  Thanks for any advice.
Sometimes fungi when growing on plates with parafilm will die since parafilm
does not allow the exchange of gases...sealing plates with parafilm will
also change the colony morphology of some fungi. I prefer
to seal my plates with fungi with gas permeable tape from 3-M.

Some fungi may also require frequent subculture like every month since they
may use many of the nutrients from the plates.

I prefer to store my culture collection slants between -20 to -85 after
growing them on Potato dextrose agar...they will survive for many years this
way...anyway there are a lot of alternative methods to store fungi
if you want I cand send you some references.

Good luck


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