Mushrooms, Russia, and History

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>>I would like to buy a reading copy (not a collectable copy) of 
>>"Mushrooms, Russia, and History" by R. Gordon Wasson.
>>-Mark Buckles
>I don't think there is such a thing. i.e. I think they are all collectable. 
>I thought he only released the collectable edition. 
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If i'm not mistaken, Russia, Mushrooms, and History is available on microfilm 
from the Penn State University library for, AFAIK, $25.00. i'm not sure how 
much an inexpensive viewer costs but the whole package would certainly be less 
than the cost of any of the copies i found several years ago in auction 
records _ $1000 up. 

In fact, if you used a viewer in any library, you could photocopy any pages of 
particular interest, or even both volumes if you're ambitious, for under $100.



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