Rhizoctonia Infestation method?

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scpl6023 at bureau.ucc.ie wrote:

>Hallo Netters!

>        I'm looking for a successful way to infest soil with Rhizoctonia for
>trials.  I have tried Baker and Cook's method of infecting by placing an agar
>plug in the corner of the tray but couldn't get infection.

>        All suggestions welcome

>        Susan :->

>E-mail : suse.raf at ucc.ie

For both field and pot trials involving AG-8 we use colonised sterile
millet seed.  The seed is soaked overnight, drained, autoclaved,
inoculated, incubated at 25 C, and when fully colonised (about 2
weeks) is dried in a laminar flow and stored in a freezer where is is
normally stable for at least 12 months.

Advantages are that 
-it is easily quantifiable
-it is a small inoculum source 
-it can be spread easily and evenly by machine

The only warning is to be carefull of moisture levels in the
autoclaving grain so that you dont produce porridge.

See McDonald and Rovira,  pp174-174 in Ecology and Management of
Soilborne Plant Pathogens  C.A. Parker et al eds 1985 APS Press.

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Plant Pathology, Rhizoctonia newsletter.  If not email me regarding

Stephen Neate 

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