enhancing fungi development after fire

jim justin jimmailusa
Fri Aug 23 01:01:51 EST 1996

Aruncus at aol.com wrote:
>I am interested in finding information on ways to enhance/ensure  the early
>successional stages/colonization of   fungi in  conifer forested areas that
>have been recently burned.  Most of the tree cover was killed during the
>fire,  but there are surviving grasses, forbes and shrubs in most areas.
> Much of the area is being salvage logged.  The fire took place in the summer
>of 1994.  Other than leaving  adequate coarse woody debris on the site, what
>other things might be done ??  Do any of you know of research that has been
>done in this area ?  I would also be very interested in what is known about
> the introduction of non-native grasses as erosion protection after fire, and
>if this could be a detriment to the establishment or the maintainence of
>  post fire fungal populations.  I have read that this is part of the slash
>and burn problem in the rain forest, where crops are grown for a short period
>and then the land will no longer support  native vegetation, could this apply
>to forested areas in eastern washington state ?  Any help you could provide
>would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance

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