enhancing fungi development after fire

claude selitrennikoff claudes at essex.hsc.colorado.edu
Sun Aug 25 10:48:28 EST 1996

I don't believe you that the area will no longer support native 
vegitation. Did the fire change the soil so much?

Although I am a novice in this area, since I only had a few classes that 
included information on the ecology of fungi, I will venture on what I 
know from my experience:  Although I have seen molds growing all over 
burnt-out houses (like Neurospora), most mushrooms need some decomposing 
matter (or living matter) to live off of.  I figure that this means they 
will be OK if the fire was cool enough to leave the underground matter, 
but if the fire was very hot it would sterilize the soil.  I just read a 
bit about this in the last issue of Natl. Geographic.  But as far as 
starting new fungi: why don't you contact one of your local mushroom 
farmers (like Monterrey Mushrooms) who are experts on what kinds of 
composts to mix? 

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