strange mycelium growth on agar

Ken Hodson khodson at
Mon Aug 26 22:36:22 EST 1996

I have just begun experimenting with growing cultures on mycelim. Some
grow very radial, although not as ropy as i've seen in pictures. Some
grow into these mountain type deals! They aren't contaminated, but won't
grow out much(radialy). I am working on getting my main strain(master
culture). The culture I derived my above mentioned cultures came from a
fully colonized plate. It appears to be of good stock as little pin
heads were beginning to form in some places. It was very nice and radial
but not the to-die-for supper ropy master culture I have seen in books(
maybe this is not possible with my strain) but it is far from the
cottony non fruiting examples. Any and all advice apreciated.

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